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Greetings to all our friends…

We’re writing this webpage after being forced to “mothball” the Capital Roundtable.

In mid-March, we suspended our company’s operations and repotted ourselves away from New York City.

As you can imagine, after investing over 20 years in growing our company, it was painful to realize how an unforeseeable “force majeure” could slam our brakes to a screeching halt in only a matter of days.

Since then the predictions we made to our staff and colleagues and sponsors have come true…namely that a New York City-based conference company whose business model was so successfully predicated on face-to-face interactions would not survive a global epidemic. Not to mention rising tides of social unrest in the nation’s cities, and the impact on private equity portfolios of the worst recession since the 1930s.

On the other hand, we believe that our society at-large and the private equity industry in particular are showing signs of potential for reinventing themselves and becoming better, fairer, and smarter.

We hope you’ll bear with us through these difficult times. As the future becomes less of a huge question mark, utterly resistant to grounded prognostication, we hope to find our niche. But, in the meantime, we remain on hold.

Mark Twain famously said that thunder is magnificent but it is lightning that does the work. As committed entrepreneurs, we’re hard at work, and watching for our lightning.

With warm regards,
Burt Alimansky & Arlene West