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New York Capital Roundtable
David S. Lobel
The debt financing markets are hot --not only for high-yield, but also for senior, mezzanine, and lots of new products in between. And with increased amounts of capital looking for quality companies to invest in, sponsors are buying more, selling more, and using new financing tools.
In his New York Roundtable presentation, Stuart Aronson – general manager of GE Commercial Finance / Global Sponsor Finance -- will discuss his perspectives on the small, mid, and large cap sponsor segments --
  • Level and nature of market activity
  • State of competition -- who is re-entering, or staying on the sidelines?
  • What's hot in debt financing products?
  • What are the trends in structure and pricing?
  • Supply / Demand dynamics - crowded auctions,
    steep multiples, competitive debt financing
GE Commercial Finance / Global Sponsor Finance is a leading, global financing source to private equity firms for leveraged transactions. Stuart Aronson graduated from Tufts University with a B.A. in economics and earned an MBA at Columbia Business School.
Upcoming Program
June 23 -- Jonathan Silver, Managing Director, Core Capital Partners
" The Cyclical Nature of the Private Equity Industry -- And How to Anticipate the Next Turn"
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