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Christian L. Oberbeck
Everyone says 2003 was better than 2002, especially these last couple of months.So if the trends hold up, 2004 should be even better.
But for middle-market dealmakers, what does that mean? Where should you focus, and what trends are important for you to be looking out for?
Chris Oberbeck is well known not only for running a prominent private equity fund, but also for his sage views and predictions about the state of the market. In his New York Capital Roundtable presentation, he will address dozens of hot issues --
What are trends that got started in 2003 that are coming to fruition?
  Will commercial banks continue to be on the sidelines and why?
  What will be the impact of hedge funds on private equity?
  What directions are terms & pricing heading?
  Will private equity firms buy out public companies?
  Will the market open up for exits?
  Will more p.e. funds be selling portfolio companies to larger p.e. funds?
  Will there be more or less cross-border activity?
  What will be the impact of terrorism? environmental issues?
  What about the impact of election year?
  How will deal structures be different in 2004?
  Will liquidity horizons be changing?
  Middle market lbos ... the China & India outsourcing factor
  The “big box” factor
Oberbeck is managing director and founder of Saratoga Partners, a New York-based private equity investment firm. Saratoga manages four private equity partnerships with $750 million of committed and invested institutional equity funds. Saratoga has invested in 33 corporate acquisitions. Oberbeck graduated from Brown University with a B.S. in Physics and a B.A. in Mathematics and earned an MBA at Columbia Business School.
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