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MasterClass™ on
Fundraising for P.E. & V.C. Firms--

Why Prospects Look Bright

In 2008

Featuring 20 Expert Speakers

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Thursday, February 28, 2008
8:00 am - 5:30 pm

New York City


WORKSHOP A-- Road Shows -- Best Practices for Designing Your Presentation

WORKSHOP B-- Limited Partnership Agreements -- Best Practices for
Negotiating Your Terms & Conditions

Friday, February 29, 2008

8:30 - 11:30 am

New York City

Designed to Meet the Needs of General Partners of Venture Capital,
Buyouts, & Mezz Funds Who Want to Raise New Funds,
As Well as Lawyers, Accountants, & Advisors Who Support Them

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During the past few years, enticing limited partners to invest in first-time funds was almost an impossibility.  Most limited partners were only interested in funds with proven track records. However, the industry is on the verge of change, and things are looking up for new managers.

As a result of over-investment in the private equity arena, the credit crunch, and an expected slow-down in the mega fund sector, a growing number of LPs are seeking investment opportunities with emerging managers.

LPs are seeing the many benefits of investing in first-time funds due to a number of factors, including:

(1) As P.E. funds gained popularity during the past five years, established funds became increasingly selective about the LPs that were given access, leaving most LPs unable to invest as much as they wanted to in certain funds -- and with a bad taste in their mouths. Additionally, activity in the mega fund sector looks ready to slow down.  As a result, LPs are very interested in discovering the next best thing.  So new middle-market entrants stand to be very popular with LPs in the near future. They have no blemished track records and are somewhat isolated from the issues the mega funds are facing.

(2) At the same time, venture funds have been under-invested these past several years, making them ripe for investment today.  Historically, it’s been obvious that when the P.E. industry is flourishing, then venture capital is suffering -- and vice versa. The tide may be changing.  LPs are also showing signs of interest in venture funds because venture funds are isolated from the credit crunch. There’s no doubt that venture funds have a chance to return to the limelight.

The Capital Roundtable’s all-new MasterClass has created a rare opportunity for first-time fund and emerging managers to hear about what LPs are looking for from them. Participants will also learn about specific programs that LPs have put in place for new funds and what appeals to them. So please join us for this MasterClass where you’ll learn how to attract the best LPs for your new fund.

You’ll leave this MasterClass with a better understanding of how to raise your new fund, how to make LPs happy, and what the best practices are for the new generation of funds.  A faculty of 20 experts will compare and evaluate the different possibilities available in the private equity asset class.

Sign up for this MasterClass now and get a special early-bird rate.

We also encourage you to attend one of our Post-Masterclass workshops on
Friday, February 29, 2008. 
The topics are --

  • Workshop A -- Road Shows -- Best Practices for Designing Your Presentation
  • Workshop B -- Limited Partnership Agreements -- Best Practices for Negotiating Your Terms & Conditions


Here are some of the key themes you’ll learn about at this year’s program --

  • The benefits of being a first-time fund
  • Best practices of how to go to market with a new fund
  • What areas LPs are interested in investing in these days
  • How to negotiate and structure the best possible partnership agreements
  • LPs’ expectations about investing in the next generation of new funds
  • How seasoned LPs view emerging managers
  • How to explain your past at a private equity firm
  • How venture funds may become the new darlings of private equity asset class
  • How to avoid a bad agreement
  • What the future holds for deal making

This MasterClass is being led by Tom Rest, a Vice President in the Private Equity Funds Group of AIG Investments.  Rest is responsible for sourcing, performing due diligence, and monitoring private equity fund investments.   AIG is a worldwide leader in asset management, with extensive capabilities in equity, fixed income, hedge funds, private equity and real estate. Headquartered in New York, AIG manages nearly $744 billion in assets.

Also consider our related MasterClass the day before (Wednesday, February 27) on “The Art of Generating the Right Deal Flow -- How Middle-Market P.E. Firms Can Boost Their Origination Efforts” and pre-conference workshop on Tuesday, February 26.

Double MasterClass -- Special fee for both and “The Art of Generating the Right Deal Flow” & “Fundraising for PE & VC Firms”-- Register now and the Early Bird registration fee is only $3395.

This program is being produced by The Capital Roundtable™, the country's sole informational conference organization focused exclusively on the private-equity community.

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Chaired By

  • Thomas J. Rest, Vice President, Private Equity Funds Group, AIG Investments

Hosted By

  • Burt Alimansky, Managing Partner, Alimansky & Bethell Group, and Chairman, The Capital Roundtable


  • Todd W. Betke, Of Counsel, Pepper Hamilton LLP (workshop)
  • Julia D. Corelli, Partner, Pepper Hamilton LLP
  • Harry Crosby, Partner, SPG Partners LLC
  • Reidan A. Cruz, Partner, Probitas Partners
  • Paul F. Delaney, Managing Director, Patronus Capital Advisors LLC (workshop)
  • C. Scott Hamner, Director, Credit Suisse Group
  • Tracy Harris, Director, Parish Capital Advisors LLP
  • Steven Hartt, First Vice President, Amalgamated Bank of New York (workshop)
  • Denise Hayman-Loa, Partner, Six Point Investments
  • Marek Herchel, Investment Manager, AlpInvest Partners Inc.
  • Scott F. Hilinski, Managing Director, Nautic Partners LLC
  • Holly D. Holtz, Director, TIAA-CREF
  • David M. Kirby, Managing Director, Kirby Capital Advisors (workshop)
  • Andrew Kwee, Head--U.S. Private Equity, LGT Capital Partners USA Inc. (workshop)
  • Nina Lesavoy, Managing Director, Cue Capital LLC
  • Tom McGrath, Investment Officer, New York State Common Retirement Fund
  • Dale J. Meyer, Director, KRG Capital Partners LLC
  • John G. Morris, Managing Director, HarbourVest Partners LLC
  • Eli E. Neusner, Managing Director, East Side Group (workshop)
  • Dana C. Pawlicki , Senior Vice President, Lehman Brothers Inc.
  • Jesse E. Reyes, Managing Director, Bear Stearns Asset Management Inc.
  • Sean D. S. Sebastian, Partner, Birchmere Ventures
  • Michael B. Staebler, Partner, Pepper Hamilton LLP (masterclass & workshop)
  • Michael A. Tharp, Managing Director, Cimarron Capital Partners LLC
  • William W. Tice, Principal, Park Hill Group LLC
  • Howard D. Unger, Managing Partner, Saw Mill Capital LLC
  • Charles J. Willis, Portfolio Manager, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
  • Kenneth M. Wisdom, Senior Vice President, Portfolio Advisors LLC

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07:30 - 08:15
08:15 - 09:00
09:00 - 09:45
09:45 - 10:30
10:30 - 11:00
11:00 - 12:00

12:00 - 01:00
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03:00 - 03:15
03:15 - 04:15

04:15 - 05:15


08:00 - 08:30
08:30 - 11:30

08:30 - 11:30


Thursday, February 28, 2008
Registration, Networking, Continental Breakfast
Welcoming Remarks & Audience Introductions
Keynote # 1 -- Introductory Keynote (birds-eye overview)

Keynote # 2 -- Chairman’s Keynote (in-the-trenches perspective)
Coffee & Networking Break
Panel 1 -- Four Traditional Limited Partners Discuss What They’re Looking For(This panel features LPs who back different sizes & types of funds)
Luncheon & Networking
Panel 2 -- “Four Prominent Placement Agents Explain the Do’s & Don’ts of How You Should Go to Market (This panel features placement agents who work with different sizes & types of clients)
Panel  3 -- “Four Experts Explain How You Can Structure & Negotiate Successful Partnership Agreements” (This panel features specialists -- a lawyer, a general partner, a limited partner, & a placement agent)
Coffee & Networking Break
Panel 4 -- “Four General Partners Report Lessons They Learned When They Raised Their Funds” (This panel features GPs from different sizes & types of funds)
Panel 5 -- “Four Limited Partners Who Specialize in Backing Emerging P.E Managers Discuss What They’re Looking For” (This panel features LPs who back different sizes & types of funds)


Post-MasterClass Workshops Friday, February 29, 2008

Registration & Networking

Workshop A: Road Shows -- Best Practices for Designing Your Presentation (This workshop features four specialists -- A presentation coach, a placement agent, a limited partner, & a general partner)

Workshop B: Limited Partnership Agreements -- Best Practices for Negotiating Your Terms & Conditions

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  • Double MasterClass -- Special fee for both “The Art of Building the Right Deal Flow”and “Fundraising for PE & VC Firms” -- Register by Friday, February 15, and the Early Bird registration fee is only $3395.
  • Early Bird Registration Fee -- and save $200 off the regular fee!
    Register by Friday, February 15, and the fee for the MasterClass is $1695 -- or $2095 for both the MasterClass and Workshop.
  • After that, the regular registration fee is $1895 for the MasterClass -- or $2295 for both the MasterClass and Workshop.
  • At the door, if space is available, the fee is $1995 for the MasterClass -- or $2395 for both the MasterClass and Workshop.
  • Special group rates -- The Capital Roundtable offers a special rate for 3 or more people from your firm.  For more info, please contact Amy Geiger or 212/832-7333 ext 103.

Click Here to Register >>     Purchase Audio Package >>

You can pay by credit card (using the links above) or by check. Mail your check and business card to: New York Business Roundtable Inc., 12 East 44 Street, Penthouse, New York, NY 10017.

If the program is oversubscribed, we will notify you immediately and not charge your credit card. (If you need to cancel, please do so by Thursday, February 21 at 5:00pm, and we will credit you for a future meeting.)

From time to time, for reasons beyond Capital Roundtable's control, program schedules and speakers become subject to change. We make every effort to announce substantive changes by email to registrants at least 48 hours in advance.

Have a special question? Please contact Dana DeMattia at 212/832-7333 ext. 102 or by email at

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University Club

1 W 54th St

New York, NY 10019

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Audio Packages

Can't attend but want to hear the program? You can buy the audio package along with the handouts. Purchase the audio package online now.

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The Capital Roundtable offers excellent sponsorship opportunities to reach the middle-market private-equity community. For more details, contact Arlene West at 212/832-0800 or by email at

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