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MasterClass™ on  

The Art of Building the Right Deal Flow --
How Middle-Market P.E. Firms
Can Boost
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Wednesday, February 27, 2008
8:00 am - 5:30 pm
New York City

Systems for Tracking, Managing, & Processing Deal Flow --
From Inquiry to Closing

Tuesday, February 26, 2008
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
New York City

Designed to Meet the Needs of Entrepreneurial Deal Makers & Investors,
& Middle-Market Lenders & Investment Bankers as well as Lawyers,
Accountants, & Advisors Who Support Them

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Everyone knows that good deal flow is the lifeblood of successful middle-market private equity practices.  But in today’s competitive market, originating new deals is getting more and more difficult.

On the one hand, certain techniques and approaches may work better than others.  Some successful P.E. firms have special knowhow -- and even claim to have discovered the holy grail of “proprietary” deal flow. 

On the other hand, other firms argue that their achievements boil down to old-fashioned hard work – building their pipelines, one relationship at a time -- using bankers, business brokers, personal networks, direct marketing, auctions, trade shows, and public relations campaigns to get their capital deployed.

Please join us for our very special MasterClass on “The Art of Building the Right Deal Flow,” in which we delve deeply into this highly secretive, yet savory topic.

The program, the first of its kind, is being chaired by Rob Long of Allied Capital. Rob is a veteran in the industry, who has a successful history in business development.  He is currently Managing Director and national head of his firm’s origination efforts. Allied Capital is a leading diversified investment firm that provides debt and equity capital primarily to private, middle-market companies and P.E.  groups.

We’ve designed the program around five distinct panels, each of which encompasses a different sphere within the deal flow process:

  • P.E. firms reveal their different methods for generating proprietary deal flow
  • Investment bankers discuss how to best position yourself in an auction, including how to proceed, how they view buyers, and how to build proprietary relationships to gain an advantage
  • Boutique investment bankers, specialty firms, and other intermediaries explain ways in which they connect with buyers
  • Advisors, including wealth managers and corporate M&A officers, convey alternative deal source opportunities you may not normally consider
  • LPs and placement agents discuss the relevance of proprietary deal flow and how they choose among investment options

During this full-day session we’ll unveil answers to many important issues, including:

  • Identification of companies that may be potential “sell” candidates
  • Winning the deal - from origination to closure
  • The best approach in the auction process
  • Techniques to reach a broader universe of buy-out opportunities
  • The current state of the M&A and P.E.  markets

At the end of the program, you’ll walk away with information, techniques, and approaches that will allow you to formulate your own unique marketing strategy to create and expand your deal flow. Moreover, you’ll have the chance to network with a great many experts and colleagues who may become new deal sources.

We also encourage you to attend our pre-MasterClass workshop on Tuesday, February 26, entitled “Systems for Tracking & Managing & Processing Deal Flow – From Inquiry to Closing”

Those attending the full-day MasterClass will learn:

  • How to develop a solid marketing strategy that incorporates multiple deal origination efforts
  • How to build relationships across a wide network of contacts
  • How to successfully proceed in an auction
  • How to manage relationships with investment bankers, intermediaries, and business brokers
  • How to deal with CEOs and entrepreneurs
  • How to spot companies that will be for sale before they are for sale
  • How to provide value to various constituents to increase the chances of winning a deal
  • How to close a deal, or more importantly, how not to lose a deal
  • How to gain the position of favored acquirer

You should attend this MasterClass if you are a:

  • P.E. partner or employee seeking a greater pool of acquisition candidates
  • CEO of a public or private company looking to sell
  • Entrepreneur looking to potentially sell or understand a company’s value
  • Banker, lawyer, or private banker seeking introductions for your clients
  • Business broker or other intermediary seeking to attract new clients
  • Investment banker who works on M&A deals
  • Leverage finance provider who backs private equity deals
  • Fundless sponsor who wants to learn new techniques and meet new players

Also consider our related MasterClass the day after (Thursday, February 28) on “Fundraising for PE & VC Firms -- Why Prospects Look Bright in 2008” and post-conference workshops on Friday, February 29. Sign up for both MasterClasses and save.

Double MasterClass
-- Special fee for both “Fundraising for PE & VC FirmsandThe Art of Generating the Right Deal Flow” -- Register now and the Early Bird registration fee is only $3395.

For more information, please feel free to contact Heather Sote at 212/832-7333 ext. 111 or

This program is being produced by The Capital Roundtable, the country’s sole informational conference organization focused exclusively on the private equity community.

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 Chaired By

  • Robert D. Long, Managing Director, Allied Capital Corp.

 Hosted By

  • Burt Alimansky, Managing Partner, Alimansky & Bethell Group, and Chairman, The Capital Roundtable


  • Jay M. Aidikoff, Managing Director, Valufinder Group Inc.
  • E. Garrett Bewkes, Managing Principal, GarMark Advisors LLC
  • Timothy W. Busler, Managing Director , Guggenheim Capital Markets LLC
  • Michael A. Dinan, President & CEO, Dinan & Co. LLC
  • Michael Duran, Managing Director, Gerson Lehrman Group Inc.
  • Kevin Groff, Director, Sun Equity Solutions LLC
  • Glenn A. Gurtcheff, Managing Director, Harris Williams & Co.
  • John W. Jordan, Chairman & Managing Principal, Jordan Co. LP
  • Douglas L. Kitani, Partner, Calder Capital Partners
  • Kurtis J. Kaull, Partner, Gryphon Investors
  • J. Mark Lacana, Manager--Business Development, TheNextRound Inc. (workshop)
  • Paul S. Lattanzio, Senior Managing Director, Bear Growth Capital Partners LLC
  • Alan Mantel, Partner, Snow Phipps Group LLC
  • Yvonne V. Marsh, Senior Managing Director, Liberty Partners
  • Michael F. McFadden, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Goldsmith-Agio-Helms / Lazard Middle Market
  • Christopher C. McMahon, Managing Director, Baird Investment Banking MA
  • Michael J. Miller, Managing Director, Allied Capital Corp.
  • Jeremy Payne, Senior Vice President, Capital IQ Inc.
  • John W. Pollock, Managing Director, Edgeview Partners LLC
  • Brenda Reny, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank
  • Alexander B. Temel, Partner, Proskauer Rose LLP
  • William W. Tice, Principal, Park Hill Group LLC
  • Kelly M. Williams, Managing Director, Credit Suisse Securities LLC
  • Peter H. Wyman, S.V.P.--Sales, Merrill Corp. (workshop)
  • Arthur S. Zuckerman, President & CEO, TriCycle Group LLC (workshop)

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07:30 - 08:15
08:15 - 09:00
09:00 - 09:45
09:45 - 11:00

11:00 - 11:30
11:30 - 12:30

12:30 - 01:30
01:30 - 02:30

02:30 - 03:15
03:15 - 03:30
03:30 - 04:30

04:30 - 05:30


01:30 - 02:00
02:00 - 05:00


Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Registration, Networking, & Continental Breakfast
Welcoming Remarks & Audience Introductions
First Keynote -- Introductory Keynote (bird's-eye overview)
First Panel -- Attracting the Right Deal Flow -- Creating & Managing Sustainable Replicable Strategies -- Five P.E. Senior Professionals Report Different Ways They Go to Market -- What Works -- & What Doesn’t (This panel features business development partners from different sizes & types of firms, using different techniques, e.g. intermediaries & bankers, direct marketing, conferences & trade shows, telemarketing, advertising, personal networks.)
Coffee & Networking Break

Second Panel -- Positioning Yourself to Win -- Four Senior I-Bankers Explain How to Manage Formal & Limited Auctions
Luncheon & Networking

Third Panel -- Finding Hidden Gems -- Four Proprietary Deal Flow Experts Discuss How They Advise Their Clients
Afternoon Keynote

Coffee & Networking Break

Fourth Panel -- Alternative Deal Resources -- Four Other Advisors Discuss Their Roles as Deal Sources, as Well as the Value They Add to the Process (This panel features a private client wealth management professional, a financial advisor, a corporate m&a officer, & an attorney.)
Fifth Panel --
Feedback from Investors -- LPs, Placement Agents, & Fund of Funds Discuss Their Views About What GPs Should Focus On 
Adjournment & Networking

Pre-MasterClass Workshop Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Registration & Networking
Systems for Tracking, Managing, & Processing Deal Flow -- From Inquiry to Closing
(This workshop features a lawyer, an investment banker, a deal tracking software developer, and a virtual deal room manager.)

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  • Double MasterClass -- Special fee for both “Fundraising for PE & VC Firms” and “The Art of Building the Right Deal Flow” -- Register by Friday, February 15, and the Early Bird registration fee is only $3395.

  • Premiere Registration Fee -- and save $400 off the regular fee! Register by Friday, January 25, and the fee for the MasterClass is $1695 -- or $2095 for both the MasterClass and Workshop.
  • Early Bird Registration Fee -- and save $200 off the regular fee! Register by Friday, February 15, and the fee for the MasterClass is $1895 -- or $2295 for both the MasterClass and Workshop.
  • After that, the regular registration fee is $2095 for the MasterClass -- or $2495 for both the MasterClass and Workshop.
  • At the door, if space is available, the fee is $2195 for the MasterClass -- or $2595 for both the MasterClass and Workshop.
  • Special group rates -- The Capital Roundtable offers a special rate for 3 or more people from your firm.  For more info, please contact Amy Geiger or 212/832-7333 ext 103.

Click Here to Register >>     Purchase Audio Package >>

You can pay by credit card (using the links above) or by check. Mail your check and business card to: New York Business Roundtable Inc., 12 East 44 Street, Penthouse, New York, NY 10017.

If the program is oversubscribed, we will notify you immediately and not charge your credit card. (If you need to cancel, please do so by Wednesday, February 20, at 5:00pm, and we will credit you for a future meeting.)

From time to time, for reasons beyond Capital Roundtable's control, program schedules and speakers become subject to change. We make every effort to announce substantive changes by email to registrants at least 48 hours in advance.

Have a special question? Please contact Heather Sote at 212/832-7333 ext. 111 or

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University Club

1 W 54th St

New York, NY 10019

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Audio Package

Can't attend but want to hear the program? You can buy the audio package along with the handouts. Purchase the audio package online now.

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The Capital Roundtable offers excellent sponsorship opportunities to reach the middle-market private-equity community. For more details, contact Arlene West at 212/832-0800 or by email at

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