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MasterClass™ on  

How More & More Fundless Equity Sponsors -- & Investors -- Are Staking Claims in P.E.'s New Frontier

Featuring 20 Expert Speakers

Last Time We Held This MasterClass, It Sold Out!

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Thursday, February 7, 2008
8:00 am - 5:30 pm
New York City

WORKSHOP A-- How to Attract Proprietary Deal Flow & Line Up the Right Equity & Debt
WORKSHOP B-- How to Raise a Dedicated Private Equity or Mezzanine Fund --

The Fundamentals

Wednesday, February 6, 2008
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
New York City

Designed to Meet the Needs of Entrepreneurial Deal Makers & Investors,
& Middle-Market Lenders & Investment Bankers as well as Lawyers,
Accountants, & Advisors Who Support Them

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Despite the fact that jumbo private equity funds grab the big headlines, the real excitement these days in the private equity industry is that more and more dealmakers and investors are getting into the “fundless” private equity sponsor business.

And most believe that the benefits greatly outweigh the risks.

Some fundless sponsors are former P.E. firm managers who are striking out on their own, leaving the pressures of managing a fund behind. They generally form a group, hire a small staff, and incur overhead costs, but they line up solid financial backing – one or two major institutions that they’ve worked with extensively.

Other fundless sponsors go a different route – they find a deal first, and then raise money from one institutional investor, typically a hedge fund or P.E. fund. 

Still others are entrepreneurial dealmakers who put together financing through many different sources, but are fully responsible for broken deal expenses and don’t earn a cent until the deal is completed. However, total control and high payout are the enriching rewards.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the table, many general partners of middle-market P.E. funds are discovering that fundless sponsors represent new opportunities for uncovering excellent new investments.  That’s because many fundless sponsors are tapping into some really solid companies (perhaps because they’re so extremely careful about avoiding bad deals – after all, they’re often playing with their own money).

Join us for the latest installment of The Capital Roundtable’s ever-popular MasterClass on fundless equity sponsors, in which we’ll cover a host of issues that are on the minds of investors seeking to operate solo or find backers, as well as P.E. fund managers looking for new sources of deal flow.

The program is being chaired by Jeff Muti, former consultant and P.E. fund manager who three years ago went out on his own and formed fundless equity sponsor, Silverline Partners.

You’ll hear from a panel of 20 experts from many camps – prominent fundless sponsors using a variety of strategies, partners in P.E.  firms who back fundless sponsors, mezzanine lenders, key intermediaries, and service providers who advise on the pieces of the process.

You’ll learn why fundless sponsors are forced to take different avenues to source deals. While some are doing smaller deals, most are typically buying businesses under four times ebitda.   

You’ll also learn the pros and cons of raising equity and debt through institutional versus high net worth investors.  Yet, although institutional investors may cover broken deal expenses and increase credibility with the seller, the potential loss of control, lower carry and reduced management fees are factors to consider.

During this full-day session we’ll talk trends, outlook, and opportunities in this growing area of P.E. investment. You’ll learn about the rewards and benefits as well as the risks and challenges involved in fundless equity sponsor deals.

At the end of the program, you’ll thoroughly understand how to navigate the fundless equity sponsor route. Plus, you’ll have plenty of time for Q&A with the experts and networking with colleagues.

We also encourage you to attend one of our Pre-MasterClass workshops on Wednesday, February 6, that will delve into the following topics:

  • Workshop A --  “How to Attract Proprietary Deal Flow & Line Up the Right Equity & Debt”
  • Workshop B -- “How to Raise a Dedicated Private Equity or Mezzanine Fund -- The Fundamentals”

Those attending this full-day MasterClass will --

  • Learn about the benefits as well as the risks of becoming a fundless sponsor
  • Identify the different types of fundless sponsors and the benefits/disadvantages of each
  • Discover tactical tricks of the fundless sponsor trade, such as how to minimize broken deal expenses
  • Learn how to tap into fundless sponsors as a source of potential new deal flow
  • Discover why the majority of fundless sponsors look to smaller deals – a segment that is typically underserved by the P.E.  market
  • Find out how fundless sponsors discover new companies
  • Learn where to find potential backers – private equity firms, mezzanine funds, family offices, high net worth individuals
  • Identify the pros and cons of institutional versus high net worth funding
  • Understand why fundless sponsors are affected less by the credit crunch
  • Discover how fundless sponsors finance deals and learn about creative seller financing methods
  • Learn how to find service providers – attorneys, accountants, investment bankers and lenders – who are familiar with how fundless sponsors operate

You should attend this MasterClass if you are a --

  • Entrepreneurial investor looking to strike out on your own
  • P.E. fund manager looking to source new deals
  • Fundless sponsor looking to find backers
  • Experienced fundless sponsor seeking to learn new techniques and meet new players
  • Investment banker or mezzanine lender who may finance a fundless deal
  • Attorney with clients who require M&A counsel
  • Venture capitalist looking to exit a portfolio company
  • CEO or CFO of a company in search of P.E. funding
  • Service provider looking to identify new clients

For more information, please feel free to contact Heather Sote at 212/832-7333 ext. 111 or

This program is being produced by The Capital Roundtable, the country’s sole informational conference organization focused exclusively on the private equity community.

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 Chaired By

  • Jeffrey S. Muti, Managing Partner, Silverline Capital Partners LLC

 Hosted By

  • Burt Alimansky, Managing Partner, Alimansky & Bethell Group, and Chairman, The Capital Roundtable


  • Corey L. Barnette, Managing Partner, Scroll Capital Partners LLC
  • Tim Brien, Principal, Cliffside Funds
  • Hector A. Bultynck,Partner, Peninsula Capital Partners LLC
  • Charles V. Callahan, Managing Partner, Triangle Venture Partners LLC
  • Marc A. Cole, Partner, Hamilton Investments
  • Marc A. Goodman, Senior Partner, Fifth Street Capital LLC
  • Kevin Groff, Vice President, Sun Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Michael K. Harrington, Senior Counsel, Proskauer Rose LLP
  • Charles T. Heskett, Managing Director, Kildare Enterprises LLC
  • Edward P. Hickok, Partner, Gardner Webster Capital Partners
  • T. Patrick Hurley Jr. , Managing Director, MidMarket Capital Advisors LLC
  • Stuart A. Jamieson, Managing Director, Radius Partners LLC
  • Ronald A. Kahn, Managing Director, Lincoln International LLC
  • Raymond H. Kraftson, Managing Director, Ariane Capital Partners LLC (workshop)
  • Stephen M. Lebowitz, Managing Director, Topspin Partners LBO LP (workshop)
  • Barry T. Mehlman, Partner, Loeb & Loeb LLP
  • Beatrice H. Mitchell, Principal, Sperry Mitchell & Co. Inc.
  • Peter B. Orthwein Jr., Vice President, Spring Capital Partners LP
  • Christopher A. Pope, Principal, Parkway Capital Investors LLC
  • Heberden W. Ryan, Managing Partner, Boston Post Partners LLC (masterclass and workshop)
  • Joseph Saldutti, President, Head Start Capital LLC
  • Clarence B. Schwab, Managing Partner, C. Schwab LLC
  • Thomas S. Shattan, Chairman, Shattan Mendel Enterprises LLC (workshop)
  • Molly S. Simmons, Managing Director, Gemini Investors LLC
  • Gregg Solomon, Managing Director, Touchstone Group LLP
  • Craig A. Stein, Managing Director, Coastline Capital LLC
  • Gregory H. Warner, President, Ingleside Investors LLC
  • Jedd H. Wider, Partner, Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP (workshop)
  • John R. Wolak, Mgr.--Portfolio, Morgan Stanley Alternative Investment Partners LP
  • additional speakers to be announced...

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Thursday, February 7, 2008
Registration, Networking, & Continental Breakfast
Welcoming Remarks & Audience Introductions
First Keynote – Perspectives from a Fundless Equity Sponsor
Second Keynote – Perspectives from a Backer of Fundless Sponsors
Coffee & Networking Break

First Panel -- Winning Strategies Used by Successful Fundless Sponsors (This panel features four successful fundless sponsors who use different types of strategies.)
Luncheon & Networking

Second Panel -- Viewpoints From Private Equity Investors Who Like Backing Fundless Sponsors (This panel features four P.E. investors who do different types of deals or financing size.)
Third Panel -- Recommendations From Four Advisors Who Are Experienced in Supporting Fundless Sponsors
Coffee & Networking Break

Fourth Panel -- Winning Strategies Used by Successful Fundless Sponsors (Part 2)  (This panel features four more successful fundless sponsors who use different types of strategies.)
Fifth Panel -- Viewpoints From Mezzanine Providers Who Like Backing Fundless Sponsors  (This panel features four mezzanine providers who do different types of deals or financing size.)
Adjournment & Networking

Pre-MasterClass Workshops Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Registration & Networking
Workshop A: How to Attract Proprietary Deal Flow & Line Up the Right
Equity & Debt (This workshop features an attorney, an investment banker, & two fundless sponsors.)
Workshop B: How to Raise a Dedicated Private Equity or Mezzanine Fund -- The Fundamentals (This workshop features an attorney, a placement agent, a roadshows consultant, a limited partner, & a p.e. general partner who has successfully raised a fund.)

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  • Early Bird Registration Fee -- and save $200 off the regular fee! Register by Friday, January 25, and the fee for the MasterClass is $1695 -- or $2095 for both the MasterClass and Workshop.
  • After that, the regular registration fee is $1895 for the MasterClass -- or $2295 for both the MasterClass and Workshop.
  • At the door, if space is available, the fee is $1995 for the MasterClass -- or $2395 for both the MasterClass and Workshop.
  • Special group rates -- The Capital Roundtable offers a special rate for 3 or more people from your firm.  For more info, please contact Amy Geiger or 212/832-7333 ext 106.

Click Here to Register >>     Purchase Audio Package >>

You can pay by credit card (using the links above) or by check. Mail your check and business card to: New York Business Roundtable Inc., 12 East 44 Street, Penthouse, New York, NY 10017.

If the program is oversubscribed, we will notify you immediately and not charge your credit card. (If you need to cancel, please do so by Thursday, January 31, at 5:00pm, and we will credit you for a future meeting.)

From time to time, for reasons beyond Capital Roundtable's control, program schedules and speakers become subject to change. We make every effort to announce substantive changes by email to registrants at least 48 hours in advance.

Have a special question? Please contact Heather Sote at 212/832-7333 ext. 111 or

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Midtown Manhattan location in an exclusive private club.

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Audio Package

Can't attend but want to hear the program? You can buy the audio package along with the handouts. Purchase the audio package online now.

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The Capital Roundtable offers excellent sponsorship opportunities to reach the middle-market private-equity community. For more details, contact Amber Mahood at 212/832-7333 ext. 103 or by email at

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