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How the Addiction Epidemic

& Mental Health
Are Spurring Investment
In the Drug Treatment Industry



Private Equity Investing
In Behavioral Healthcare Companies




Simon Bachleda
Managing Partner
Revelstoke Capital Partners LLC


Thursday, September 14, 2017

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

New York City




Marquee Sponsor




Ryan Bell, Moelis & Co.

Matthew W. Blevins, Clearview Capital LLC
Preston Brice, MBF Healthcare Partners LP

Mark J. Covall, National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems

Mitchell A. Davidson, Post Capital Partners LLC
Jason B. Ficken, Quadriga Partners LLC
Justin Hand, Provident Healthcare Partners LLC
Ryan Kelley, Shore Capital Partners LLC
Michael S. Langdon, Frontenac Co.
William D.Lautman, Nexus Health Capital
Rupert McCormac, Crossroads Treatment Centers

Jerome E. Rhodes, BayMark Health Services
Todd Rudsenske, Cain Brothers & Co. LLC

Alan E. Schabes, Benesch
James Stanford, Fitzroy Health Holdings LLC

Michael Sullivan, Berkeley Research Group LLC
Inder Tallur, BelHealth Investment Partners LLC

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“In Ohio, coroners’ offices are running out of room to store bodies, so they’ve brought in refrigerated trucks,” writes William Falk, editor-in-chief of The Week magazine.

“Deaths from overdoses of opioids, heroin, and synthetic painkillers have soared 50% in just a year. Overdoses killed about 60,000 Americans in 2016, reports The New York Times, Drugs are killing nearly twice as many Americans as gun violence. Terrorism? Not even close. We’re losing people to overdoses at a rate equivalent to twenty 9/11 massacres every year.

“Today, two million Americans are addicted to prescription opioids, and at least one million more are shooting up cheaper, easier-to-buy heroin and fentanyl. Courts, police, drug treatment agencies, and morgues are overwhelmed.”                                                                

Sad to say, as a result of this worsening opioid epidemic, demand for investment in behavioral healthcare services is growing exponentially.

Here are four reasons –

  1. Expanded state and federal coverage of drug treatment, and increased private insurance coverage for mental health issues. Though drug addiction has been chronically underserved (there are only 15,000 facilities to treat 20 million people with substance abuse disorders), more and more victims are seeking help.
  2. In smaller communities, the shortage of provicers is especially acute. Other than a few large players, such as PE-backed Acadia Healthcare and United Healthcare, providers are mostly small businesses. The four biggest substance abuse companies generate less than a third of total industry revenue.
  3. Ironically, more and more people are seeking care because the social stigma about mental health and drug treatment is dissipating.
  4. Drug treatment programs are one of the few areas that attract bipartisan political support, and still, the opioid epidemic shows few signs of diminishing.


Register now to gain valuable insights as The Capital Roundtable’s speakers assess the outlook for private equity i the behavioral healthcare industry.


Our all-day conference on “Private Equity Investing in Behavioral Healthcare Companies” falls on Thursday, September 14, 2017, in midtown New York City.

Private equity investors are in a strong position to consolidate, expand, and create the kinds of economies of scale that are common in other industries.


But because behavioral healthcare is a fairly new field, there’s a lack of industry standards. While this is a challenge when evaluating treatment centers, it’s also an opportunity to implement cutting-edge treatments and technologies.

Despite concerns about how modifications to the Affordable Care Act (aka the “ACA” or “Obama Care”) will affect coverage of behavioral healthcare services, from a long-term perspective, the sector is poised for long-term growth.

Click here to hear our 20+ speakers address key points such as --


  • What are some remaining pockets of value in the behavioral healthcare sector, which has seen tremendous PE interest in the last few years?
  • What are some barriers to entry when looking to invest?
  • There’s no single gold standard of care in behavioral healthcare -- what are some new and evolving standards that PE investors should know about?
  • Why should a PE firm partner with doctors or others who have medical knowledge to run a behavioral healthcare portfolio company?
  • What are the most compelling consolidation opportunities?
  • How are changing regulations and reimbursement policies affecting investors?
  • How is uncertainty regarding the ACA affecting the industry and expansion opportunities?
  • What methodologies do PE investors use when evaluating opportunities?
  • How is due diligence different from other sectors, and what do PE investors need to look for?
  • What are some of the particular challenges investors face in building or expanding drug treatment centers?


Click here to receive our best rate -- a savings of $400 on our regular conference rates!


Here Are Three Big Reasons Why You Should Join Us


  1. Hear what technologies are enhancing the operations of behavioral healthcare companies as well as disrupting the traditional service delivery model.
  2. Learn about the evolution of strategic buyers in the behavioral healthcare space.
  3. Understand how to attract successful professional and management teams for your behavioral healthcare portfolio companies.


Register Now to Join Simon Bachleda,

And 20 Other Industry Experts


Simon Bachleda is co-founder and managing partner of Denver-based PE firm Revelstoke Partners LLC. Before starting Revelstoke, Bachleda was managing director at New York-based Eos Partners, a private investment firm. He’s also worked at Denver-based PE firm KRG Capital Partners.

Mr. Bachleda started his career as an investment banker in the mergers and acquisitions group of Credit Suisse First Boston in New York.

He serves on the boards of Trident USA Health Services, Upstream Rehabilitation, Crossroads Treatment Centers, Encore Rehabilitation, Career Step, Transport Investments, Fast Pace Urgent Care and Addus Healthcare. He is also on the advisory board of the Burridge Center for Finance at the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder and Harvard Business School.

Register Now to Bolster Your Awarness of Opportunities

At a Key Moment for this Healthcare Space



Three More Reasons Why You Should Join Us


  1. Learn about the unique challenges and opportunities to building economies of scale in the space.
  2. Explore new standards of care that are being implemented across the sector.
  3. Hear the different opportunities for investing in both residential care as well as outpatient clinics and programs.

Recent Middle-Market Behavioral Healthcare Deals


  • Boston-based PE firm Audax Group’s investment in Meridien Behavioral Health, a network of treatment centers providing chemical and behavioral health treatment backed by Los Angeles-based Triton Pacific Capital Partners.
  • Chicago-based New Harbor Capital’s majority investment in Community Psychiatry Management, a Sacramento-based behavioral health practice management company and California’s largest outpatient psychiatric care provider.
  • New York and Los Angeles-based middle market PE firm Centre Partners’ investment in Bradford Health, an alcohol and drug addiction treatment based in Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Los Angeles-based Levine Leichtman Capital Partners investment in Monte Nido Holdings, a provider of treatments for eating disorders and exercise addiction.
  • Revelstoke Capital’s investment in Crossroads Treatment Centers, a Greenville, South Carolina, regional provider of outpatient substance abuse treatment services.
  • Investments by Summit Behavioral Healthcare, a provider of addiction treatment and behavioral health services that is backed by PE firm Flexpoint Ford, in three addiction treatment centers in Pennsylvania and one in Texas.
  • Middle market PE firm Kohlberg & Co.’s investment in Lyndhurt, N.J.-based Sunspire Health, a behavioral health treatment service that focuses on substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders such as sex addiction and problem gambling.


Click here to receive our best rate -- a savings of $400 on our regular conference rates!


This Capital Roundtable conference is the ideal place to expand your network and open up pathways to future deals. The day’s agenda includes ample time to let you --

  • Meet fellow attendees and featured speakers
  • Enhance your personal database with valuable new connections
  • Share both ideas and business cards
  • Meet potential investment partners and clients

Keep in mind this conference is certain to fill up quickly, so you’ll want to register as soon as possible to assure yourself a seat. To avoid disappointment, please contact Sarah Burd today to confirm your attendance at 212-832-7300 ext. 0 or


 Who Should Attend


Designed to Meet the Needs of GPs, LPs, & Managers of Buyout, Growth Equity, Mezzanine, BDC, and Lending Funds, as Well as Independent Sponsors, Operating Partners, Portfolio Company Managers, and the Bankers, Lawyers, Accountants, & Other Advisors Who Support Them.




We look forward to having you join us on Thursday, September 14.


Conference Organizers


This conference is being produced by The Capital Roundtable, America’s leading conference organization focusing on “need-to-know” information for professionals in the middle-market private equity community.  For more information about The Capital Roundtable’s 25 annual conferences and other events and programs, please visit




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Who We Are


This Capital Roundtable conference in midtown, New York City, is all-business, all-targeted, all-designed to be a completely focused day of practical information and revealing insights about behavioral healthcare companies. You’ll gain valuable insights from --

  • Three informative panel discussions
  • Two revealing keynote presentations
  • Real-world perspectives from behavioral healthcare company investors
  • Industry outlooks from noted sector experts
  • War stories and lessons learned from experienced hands

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Chaired By

  • Simon Bachleda, Managing Partner, Revelstoke Partners LLC


Hosted By

  • Burt Alimansky, Chairman & CEO, The Capital Roundtable


  • Ryan Bell, Managing Director, Moelis & Co.
  • Matthew W. Blevins, Principal, Clearview Capital LLC
  • Preston Brice, Managing Director, MBF Healthcare Partners LP
  • Mark J. Covall, President & CEO, National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems
  • Mitchell A. Davidson, Managing Director, Post Capital Partners LLC
  • Jason B. Ficken, Partner, Quadriga Partners LLC
  • Justin Hand, Managing Director, Provident Healthcare Partners LLC
  • Ryan Kelley, Partner, Shore Capital Partners LLC
  • Michael S. Langdon, Managing Director, Frontenac Co.
  • William D. Lautman, Managing Partner, Nexus Health Capital
  • Rupert McCormac, Chief Executive Officer & CMO, Crossroads Treatment Centers
  • Jerome E. Rhodes, Executive Chairman, BayMark Health Services
  • Todd Rudsenske, Managing Director, Cain Brothers & Co. LLC
  • Alan E. Schabes, Partner, Benesch
  • James Stanford, Managing Director, Fitzroy Health Holdings LLC
  • Michael Sullivan, Managing Director, Berkeley Research Group LLC
  • Inder Tallur, Managing Director, BelHealth Investment Partners LLC

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Networking & Registration & Breakfast

08:30 -09:00

Welcoming Remarks & Audience Self-Introductions

09:00 -09:30

Conference Chairman’s Introduction --

  • Simon A. Bachleda, Revelstoke Capital Partners LLC

09:30 -10:30

First Panel --

The Opioid Epidemic & Mental Illnesses –

How Private Equity is Treating Addictions & Disorders

10:30 -11:15

Networking & Coffee

11:15 -12:15

Second Panel --

Due Diligence When Industry Standards Are Lacking –

How to Evaluate Behavioral Healthcare Companies

12:15 -12:45

Morning Keynote / Interview

12:45 -01:45

Networking & Luncheon  

01:45 -02:30

First Conversation --

Regulatory, Compliance, & Reimbursement Issues

That Can Keep Investors Awake at Night

02:30 -02:45

Networking & Dessert

02:45 -03:45

Third Panel --

Overseeing Behavioral Healthcare Operations --

How to Measure Quality of Services & Quality of Care

03:45 -04:30

Second Conversation --

How to Choose Among Behavioral Healthcare Exits --

Weighing Public Strategic Buyers vs. Private Equity Firms           

Networking & Adjournment



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Space at this conference is limited, so register as soon as possible to assure yourself a seat. To avoid disappointment, please contact Sarah Burd today to confirm your attendance at 212-832-7300 ext. 0 or


Please note that The Capital Roundtable limits the number of registrants from a single firm to three.


  • Best Rate -- Early Registration -- Save $400 off the standard fee of $1495 when you register by Friday, July 21. Just $1095.


  • Incentive Registration -- save $200 off the standard fee!
    Register by Friday, August 11, and the fee for the conference is $1295.


  • Conference Rate -- $1,495 increasing to $1,595 day of conference, space permitting.


  • Group Rate -- $995 each, when you register two or more people to attend from the same company.


Register Now


You can pay by credit card (using the links above) or by check. Mail your check and business card to: The Capital Roundtable, 747 Third Avenue, Suite 200, New York, NY 10017.

Have a special question? Please contact Sarah Burd at or 212-832-7300 ext 0.


From time to time, for reasons beyond Capital Roundtable's control, program schedules and speakers become subject to change.  We make every effort to announce substantive changes by email to registrants at least 48 hours in advance.

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  • Midtown, NYC

    Details provided upon registration

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Audio Package

Can't attend but want to hear the program? You can buy the audio package along with the handouts. Purchase the audio package online now.

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We offer excellent marketing and business development opportunities to reach the middle‑market private equity community. For more details, please contact Claire Notton at 212-832-7300 ext.117, or by email at

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